Patrick Gower drops 'absolute banger' track after learning to DJ from Peking Duk

Patrick Gower has proven he's a man of many talents, this time learning to DJ with Australian electronic duo Peking Duk.

After landing on his DJ name 'Gower Power', he was taught the basics of the craft by the Peking Duk duo Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles on The Project on Thursday.

The pair took him through selecting music and mixing songs together - and a gleeful Gower exclaimed that "we are underway".

But the delight for Gower may have peaked when he was learning how to drop the beat. As a surprise, his classic line "this is the f***ing news" was remixed into his song.

"Woah! F**k yes," he says.

As his DJ lesson goes on, it's evident how much Gower is enjoying his newfound talent.

Hyping up a non-existent crowd, Gower asks: "Everybody wanna hear some unreleased music out there? Get your hands up, get your f***ing hands up."

Later in The Project, Gower showed off his new skill live in the studio.

"Get ready to wait for the drop because I am about to let loose an absolute banger," he says to the audience, before donning his headphones and playing his remix with "this is the f***ing news".

Watch the full video above.