Peking Duk squeal their way through hysterical game of 'No Peeking Duk'

Australian DJ duo Peking Duk - also known as Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles - were understandably ecstatic to play in New Zealand after more than a year off international touring. 

"It was exhilarating, exciting, exuberant," Adam said of the feeling.

"Flamboyant, colourful," he added, for good measure. 

The loveable larrikins have become dance music powerhouses in recent years with hit tracks like 'Wasted', 'Sugar', 'Say My Name' and 'Take Me Over'. 

They even created a COVID-19 pandemic anthem called 'Stay The F**k Home' and have just dropped a new song, 'Chemicals'; but their eclectic DJ sets and spectacle-laden live shows are one of their biggest hallmarks - and the one thing that was utterly scuppered by a year of coronavirus lockdowns. 

"It's incredible to see people out and about and be in a room with that many people, let alone being able to play music and everyone sharing that same moment," Adam said of their recent shows in Auckland and Wellington. 

"I never ever thought we'd play overseas again," Reuben Styles added. 

The pair assured me that despite the ever-present competition with our Australian counterparts, "Kiwis always go the hardest". In fact, the boys were so overcome with the energy from the crowd at Spark Arena last month, they declared Auckland "the greatest city on planet earth" - a claim that despite my love for my home city, I felt compelled to query. 

"Right there, right then, it was the greatest city on planet Earth!" Reuben responded diplomatically. 

With so much residual excitement from the live shows, and such a rich history of zany video segments utilising Peking Duk's unique name for a plethora of puns, the pressure was on for Newshub to come up with a banger of an idea to put the boys through their paces. 

Behold, No Peeking Duk: The utterly pointless blindfolded guessing game that reduced Adam and Reuben to shrieking, teary, hysterical hot messes, purely for your entertainment. 

Watch the video above.