Post Malone spends $2.2 million on permanent diamond vampire fangs

Post Malone spends $2.2 million on permanent diamond vampire fangs
Photo credit: Instagram/Thomas Connelly

Post Malone's latest body modification might be his priciest yet - a pair of fully functioning diamond vampire fangs worth US$1.6 million (NZ$2.2 million at the time of publishing). 

The 'Sunflower' hitmaker's new gnashers are somewhat of a dental revolution, as celebrity dentist Dr Thomas Connelly had never fitted a whole stone as a tooth before this procedure. 

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Connelly explained that he spent a year and a half attempting to create the custom fangs, plus a few more months work to figure out how to insert them. 

The canine teeth are six carats each, but Connelly had to order 40 carats of diamonds from Belgium which were cut in Israel before being made into fangs. 

"In order to make a diamond in the shape of a tooth - for example, if you get a six-carat canine tooth, you need a 12-carat raw cube," Connelly said. 

"So there's a lot of waste. That diamond, they could have got three or four other diamonds out of it, so we had to waste it in order to get it into shape." 

The dentist confirmed Post Malone would be able to brush his expensive new teeth with regular toothpaste as normal. 

"He's now got two functional, full diamond teeth," Connelly said.

"They light up the room. They sparkle, they shine, they're amazing." 

The Grammy nominee has reportedly started a trend, with a growing number of celebrities putting their names on a waiting list for their own set of blinged-out chompers. 

"I've been talking to a few other people who were waiting to see how this turned out before they dropped their million," Connelly said. "So we'll see."