Rebel Wilson slammed for criticising Sydney's lockdown amid COVID-19 outbreak

Rebel Wilson has caused outrage by condemning Sydney's' latest lockdown strategy as cases continue to rise in New South Wales. 

The Pitch Perfect star shared a grim-faced selfie on social media to express her displeasure with the government's attempt to contain the latest outbreak, made up largely of a cluster in Bondi. The addition of 18 new cases recorded on Monday takes the outbreak to 130 community cases detected since June 16. 

"Sydney WTF!!!"she captioned the snap. 

Another photo taken by Wilson's mother showed empty shelves at a Woolworths supermarket, while a third slide on the actor's Instagram story read simply: "You can't keep locking down as a strategy," against a backdrop of sparkly streamers. 

Wilson's posts soon prompted fury among the public, who dubbed the Cats star "entitled" and "privileged", insisting she stick to show business and stay out of public health issues. 

Rebel Wilson slammed for criticising Sydney's lockdown amid COVID-19 outbreak
Photo credit: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

"Can’t believe Rebel Wilson quit acting and became an epidemiologist,hopefully she is actually good at this," one sarcastic tweet read. 

"My favourite part of the Rebel Wilson stuff is she hasn’t stopped posting about her travels, private jets and luxe lifestyle the whole time," read another. 

"When someone is that privileged, they don’t deserve to have a platform to discuss these issues." 

Several Twitter users pointed out that Wilson was commenting on a lockdown she wasn't even affected by, being based in Los Angeles and currently filming a Netflix project in Atlanta. 

"Living in the US Rebel Wilson witnessed the horror of hundreds of thousands of people sick and dying and has become desensitised to other people's suffering," one tweet read. 

"She is an example of privileged entitlement,sitting in her mansion while others put their lives at risk and went to work everyday." 

"Maybe Rebel Wilson should leave public health policy and epidemiology to the experts and focus on making shit comedy, because that is clearly where her talent lies," offered another. 

Other Twitter users pointed out that while Wilson had been quick to attack the concept of another lockdown, she hadn't provided an alternative option. 

"Has Rebel Wilson released her Covid Recovery Plan yet?" one tweet asked. 

Sydney Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the Delta variant linked to the latest outbreak was "contagious and transmissible like no other variant that we've seen", meaning the government would take "any necessary action" to try and contain it. 

In a press conference on Monday, Berejiklian said about a third of new cases isolated for their entire infectious period but "a number of them" isolated for just part.

Berejikllian reminded Sydney residents to avoid leaving home unless they "absolutely have to".

"We are keen to not have people move around," she said.