Recent photos of The Queen have royalists concerned

'Frail' is the word used to describe recent images of the Queen
'Frail' is the word used to describe recent images of the Queen Photo credit: GETTY

Queen Elizabeth II looks "frail" and "fragile" in recent pictures, a royal commentator has noted.

The Queen was recently photographed wearing a blue floral dress and a cream cardigan, along with sunglasses - not her usual long-length thick winter coat. 

In podcast Pod Save the Queen, host and royal commentator Ann Gripper, who commented on the new summer style, saying how different she looks.

"I think she looked much more frail in these pictures actually... partly because it's summer clothing and it's all about lighter and a bit thinner and smaller, but she looked more fragile I felt," she said.

Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers joined Gripper in the podcast and agreed: "To be fair, if I make it to 95 at all, I’ll be very happy, and if I’m doing as well as the Queen... just from a basic health and living and looking point of view."

The Express UK reported that the photos were taken last week, on the late Prince Philip's 100th birthday.

Her Majesty was gifted a new rose named after the Duke of Edinburgh, by the Royal Horticultural Society and planted in the gardens at Windsor Castle.