Review: Fast 9 is a rollicking ride with a surprising amount of heart

Vin Diesel has brought the Fast and Furious family back together, with the latest in the billion-dollar franchise blasting into cinemas this weekend.

It's Fast 9 and it's made for the BIG screen.

Here we go again, foot to the floor. Dominic Toretto is back behind the wheel.

These films - for me anyway - are best approached as a Road Runner cartoon. No matter how impossibly unsurvivable these massive instant-death crashes may seem, Dom will, without question, walk away without a scratch.

But hey, no spoilers here!

From the gospel, according to Diesel, The Fast and the Furious is always about family and with frequent collaborator Justin Lin back in the director's chair, we go back through the family album and meet long-lost Toretto brother, Jakob with a K.

John Cena muscles up and the brothers go head-gasket to head-gasket in a long-gestating revenge tale with bad-gal Cipher, played by Charlize Theron, back calling the shots.

Fast 5 was for me the peak of this franchise and shall not be beaten, but I won't lie I had a rollicking ride and a tonne of fun with Fast 9. A surprising amount of heart too with Kiwi Vinnie Bennet seriously bringing home the bacon.  

Four stars.