Britney Spears dons maid outfit, takes jab at conservatorship in swiftly-deleted Instagram caption

Britney Spears donned a raunchy maid outfit and made further digs at her restrictive conservatorship in a fiery Instagram post that was quickly deleted. 

The 'Toxic' singer shared a series of images posing in a low-cut black and yellow maid's outfit, along with a caption referencing a section of her bombshell court testimony about being restricted from beauty treatments. 

"Like I said... my maids may have been able to get their nails done during COVID after salons opened," she wrote, "But f**k... at least my maid outfit was the hottest!" 

Appearing in a Los Angeles court last month, Spears told the judge she had been lied to about beauty salons reopening during the pandemic, meaning she was restricted from "any self-care" for a year.

Elsewhere in her testimony, the pop icon compared her conservatorship to "human trafficking", calling it "abusive" and claiming she had been drugged against her will, among other violations. 

Spears said her mother Lynne Spears went to the salon twice in that time, and that she saw the maids in her house with their nails done differently each week. 

"For a year, I didn’t have my nails done, no hairstyling and no massages, no acupuncture. Nothing for a year." 

The original post was reportedly removed just an hour after it was published, but the photos of Spears in her maid costume have been shared to Instagram a second time, with simply a row of red high heel emojis in the caption. 

Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton said that "Team Britney" had deleted the caption. Proponents of the #FreeBritney movement have long been concerned that the singer is not in control of her own social media, and is manipulated into sharing content that isn't genuine. 

A report by The New Yorker published earlier this month found that Spears typically writes her Instagram posts and submits them to CrowdSurf, a company employed to handle her social media.

"In rare cases, posts that raise legal questions have been deemed too sensitive to upload," the article stated, quoting a team member who revealed: "She's not supposed to discuss the conservatorship."