Britney Spears' mum slammed by fans for cryptic social media post about conservatorship

Britney Spears' mother has felt the wrath of the pop star's angry fans after she shared a cryptic Instagram post seemingly referring to the 'Toxic' singer's recent day in court. 

Following Britney's second court hearing yesterday, in which she doubled down on claims the conservatorship run by her father is abusive, both Lynne Spears and Britney's sister Jamie Lynn Spears shared messages online. 

Jamie Lynn shared two quotes on her Instagram Story: "Once you choose hope, anything's possible," followed by, "Dear Lord, Can we end this bull shit once and for all. Amen." 

Meanwhile, Britney's mother Lynne shared a bible verse from the book of John, which read: "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it." 

Britney Spears' mum slammed by fans for cryptic social media post about conservatorship
Photo credit: Instagram/Jamie Lynn Spears

The comments section of Lynne's post was quickly flooded with furious messages from proponents of the #FreeBritney movement who accused Lynne of standing idly by while the 'Gimme More' singer suffered. 

"Britney herself said she wanted to sue her WHOLE family… see you in hell sweetie," one comment read. 

"You had 13 years to save her and did absolutely nothing," said another. 

"I can't wait until Britney exposes all of you. Y'all should be in jail," read a third. 

During her first bombshell court testimony last month, Britney told the judge her "whole family did nothing" to help her, adding: " I would honestly like to sue my family to be totally honest with you." 

Britney suggested that her family might oppose ending the conservatorship seeing as they had been "living off it for the past 13 years". 

The 39-year-old star claimed that while under her father's conservatorship she had been drugged against her will, forced to work like a "slave" and prevented from having an IUD removed, among other violations.

"Cannot wrap my mind over how a mother could do this to her own daughter. Shame on you. Shame on your family," another comment on Lynne's Instagram post read. 

"The way you and Jamie Lynn lived their best lives while Britney suffered. I don't know how can you live with that, poor Britney," said another. 

Jamie Lynn has turned comments off on her Instagram posts, escaping at least some of the fury of her older sister's fans. In a video addressing her place in the family controversy last month, she insisted she supported her sister, and would be on board with her ending the conservatorship or "flying to mars or whatever the hell else she wants to do be happy".