Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson loses it over Kiwi radio host Ben Boyce's butt tattoo

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was overjoyed after seeing superfan Kiwi broadcaster Ben Boyce's tattoo during an interview, with the Hollywood heavyweight revealing he already had a video of it on his phone. 

Jono Pryor, Boyce's co-host on The Hits radio station, surprised his mate with an interview with Johnson and Emily Blunt, who are promoting their new movie Jungle Cruise

During the conversation, Pryor brought up Boyce's tattoo, which reads 'Dwyane 'The Rock' Johnson' in a love heart on his left bottom cheek. 

"Wait a second!" Johnson responded. "We saw that!" added Blunt. 

The Moana star showed that he had the video of Boyce's tattoo saved on his phone, adding that he had sent it to his co-star Blunt and had been waiting for the right opportunity to post it on social media. 

"They've texted your tattoo to each other!" Pryor exclaimed to Boyce. 

Of course, Boyce had no choice but to verify the tattoo in real life, much to the delight of Blunt and Johnson. 

"Oh my God, yes! That's so awesome," Blunt said. 

"I've been holding on to the video [of your tattoo] for a month and a half, two months now," Johnson said. "Now when I do post it, I can give proper context that I actually met the man who did it." 

"Thank you so much for doing that brother, I really appreciate it!" Johnson told Boyce. 

The Jungle Cruise leads were so excited by their chat with Boyce and Pryor that they toasted to them with a shot of tequila to finish off the interview. 

Before the tattoo reveal, Johnson reminisced on his time growing up in New Zealand, living in Grey Lynn and attending Richmond Road School. 

"New Zealand will always be a special place," he said.