'I'm all out of tears': Dom Harvey gives emotional farewell on last day at The Edge

Dom Harvey has thanked his Edge 'family' in an emotional, tear-filled farewell during his last show at the radio station on Friday. 

The veteran radio host announced on Wednesday he'd be leaving the station this week after 21 years on air. 

In his final break, surrounded by the entire The Edge team, Harvey said it had been "a very emotional last couple of days". 

"When you get the chance to put a bow on your time at the radio station you realise how much love is out there," he said. 

Harvey said it would take some time before he could process "what's been going on" amid his exit. 

"Thank you to everyone at The Edge over the last 20 years... some are no longer with us, some no longer speak to me any more," he said.

"It's a fantastic team... it's a family rather than a station. If you're listening you're part of that family."

Harvey thanked co-hosts Meg Annear and Clinton Randell, and said they'd "shine a bit more" without him.

"I represent an old Edge time and it's time to move on," he said, before making the pair promise they'd "piss people off". 

"Thank you so much to everyone. I hope you'll understand the reasons. I just need a little time to catch my breath, catch my sleep.

"It's a strange job, this one. You put so much of yourself out there and I've done this since I was 17 - for my entire adult life I haven't been a normal person, I've been an on-air person.

"To the Edge listeners - thank you so much. You are the people that have made this journey fly by. I never thought I'd stay here 20 years, you're the reason we do what we do every day. 

"You're the reason everyone at this station gets out of bed every morning and gives it 100 percent. 

Harvey said he was "out of tears" before announcing: "For the last time, this has been Dom Harvey on The Edge."

"Peace out motherf-ers."

Highlights from over Harvey's 21 years on air played across Friday's tribute show and tears flowed from everyone, including Harvey, his ex-wife Jay-Jay Feeney and present co-hosts Megan Annear and Clinton Randell. 

Feeney paid tribute to her ex-husband and co-host, telling him: "You've got me in a lot of trouble over the years." 

"What people really don't know about you is that you're quite sensitive and you're actually a really caring person even though you don't seem like you care on air. You've got this outward bravado so people don't realise you're sensitive and sweet.

"You really care, you're very good at what you do and I hope you enjoy this break because it's going to be good for you. I'll be there to pick up the dog when you're out for your five hour runs."  

In an attempt to keep things together, Annear rattled off some of the pranks Harvey had pulled on her over the years, before telling him he was the most "unique friend I've ever had".

"Sometimes I've wanted to rip your head off and throw it in the ocean. But somehow 20 minutes later we're laughing about something again. You've improved my life and you've taught me to let go of anger," she said. 

"I am genuinely excited for you and whatever you do next, you're going to be able to do it on a full sleep. Everything you've ever done you put so much passion into and whatever you do next you're going to be amazing." 

Watch the full video above to see Harvey's exit.