J-Lo and Ben Affleck recreate butt-patting scene from 'Jenny from the Block' music video on yacht in St Tropez

Rekindled power couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are packing on the PDA in true early 2000s fashion, even going as far as to recreate a scene from J-Lo's 'Jenny from the Block' music video. 

A photo was snapped of the pair aboard a yacht in St Tropez to celebrate Lopez's 52nd birthday - yes, she's 52, I know. My argument for why she is actually an ageless vampire can be found here.

But the snap has drawn attention mainly because it almost exactly mirrors a moment from Lopez's iconic 2002 music video in which Affleck is caught by paparazzi rubbing and hugging her bikini-clad bottom.  

As a sidebar, can I just say: I love it when real-life couples appear on screen together, and I didn't appreciate Affleck's cameo in this music video enough at the time. I was 11, and more interested in fostering my own burgeoning pop music career by performing choreographed dances that nobody asked for at family events (spoiler, it didn't work out).  

Anyway, singers should force their spouses to appear as their love interests in music videos more often. Remember when Justin Timberlake used that Britney Spears look alike in 'Cry Me A River'? Pathetic. 

I digress. The photos of the present-day heavy petting were obtained exclusively by the Daily Mail, and you must go and look at them, because the resemblance to this moment is uncanny. 

J-Lo and Ben Affleck in the 2002 music video for 'Jenny from the Block'.
J-Lo and Ben Affleck in the 2002 music video for 'Jenny from the Block'. Photo credit: Epic

So just what in the new millennium is going on, you may ask? And honestly, I have more questions than answers. 

  • Is this normal for recently divorced famous people? 
  • Did they know exactly what they were doing or was this just a fabulous, perfectly timed coincidence? 
  • How can their exes, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Garner, possibly cope with this? 
  • Why is Affleck now covering up his sick tattoos, seen in the original music video? 
  • Does he not know that dad bods are in? 

All I know for sure is if I was reunited with J-Lo's posterior after 17 long years apart, I'd probably want to give it a pat and a hug too.