Lorde fans can't understand her Kiwi accent in Vogue 73 Questions video

Lorde's international fans are struggling to understand her New Zealand accent in a Vogue 73 Questions video, producing hilarious results online. 

NBC reporter Ben Kesslen tweeted a moment from the clip in which the Grammy winner responds to the question "What does New York do better than any city in the world?" with a simple: "Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen." 

"Literally WHAT is she saying?" Kessler asked - and he wasn't the only one. 

"Treat a ming, Kim K," one Twitter user suggested as a translation. 

"Something about Kratom and Ketamine," offered another. 

Thankfully, a New Zealander came to the rescue, clarifying the saying Lorde was using and adding: "I am also from New Zealand and that is how our voices sound." 

For many recent fans of the 'Solar Power' singer it was their first time hearing her speak, which is not entirely surprising considering she spent the last four years on hiatus from the limelight. 

"It took me until this era to realise Lorde had a strong Kiwi accent," one tweet read. 

"I started watching Lorde's 73 questions video and had to pause it almost immediately because 1 - I forgot she wasn't american and was completely thrown off by her accent and 2 - I've never heard her talk before and that was not what I was expecting her to sound like," said another. 

"The accent blows me away everytime," wrote a third. 

Lorde is currently promoting her upcoming album Solar Power, to be released August 20.