Lorde reveals she was so hungover after drinking with Seth Myers she almost couldn't perform on Stephen Colbert's show

Lorde got so drunk while filming for Late Night with Seth Myers that she required medical assistance in order to perform on Stephen Colbert's show the following day. 

The singer appeared on Myers show in several capacities, performing her new song 'Stoned At The Nail Salon', as a guest in studio and in the pre-recorded 'Day Drinking' segment. 

During the piece, Myers and Lorde played a Kiwi slang guessing game, tested each other on their knowledge of various 'Royals' throughout history and painted their own interpretations of the Melodrama album cover, all while consuming various alcoholic beverages. 

In the live interview on Late Night after the fact, the 'Solar Power' hitmaker revealed how she dealt with her substantial hangover. 

"I almost can't even talk about it, I can't look at an alcoholic drink ever again, it was insane," she said. 

Myers pointed out that the segment had been filmed the previous Monday, and on Tuesday Lorde performed on the rooftop of the Ed Sullivan Theatre on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

"I watched that, very nervous that I had somehow taken you out so late that you would not perform well, but you were wonderful on that show," he said. 

"Thank you, you did kind of destroy me," she replied. "I had to get a very pop star thing, an IV drip. Someone came to my hotel and administered fluids to my corpse." 

"You kids and the things you do!" Myers responded.

Lorde released her latest single 'Stoned at the Nail Salon' from her upcoming album Solar Power in the early hours of Thursday (NZ Time), with delighted fans leaping into action to analyse the meaning behind the lyrics