March 15 widow Salwa Mohamad's message to Rose Byrne about They Are Us film

Salwa Mohamad's husband and son were murdered in the March 15 terror attacks and their deaths are depicted in an early draft script for They Are Us, which was leaked to Newshub.

The Hollywood movie is currently in development and is facing fierce criticism from many, including survivors of the attacks and family members of murdered victims.

In the version of the script obtained by Newshub, following a graphic depiction of the atrocity itself, the film will focus on Jacinda Ardern and the actions she took in the following week, with Australian actress Rose Byrne lined up for the role of the Prime Minister.

Mohamad has a simple message for Byrne.

"I just want to say to her, 'put yourself in my shoes'. Just that," she told Newshub.

Mohamad has not spoken to the producers of They Are Us and after being contacted by Newshub asked to see the parts of the script her family members featured in.

After we showed it to her, she said she felt "very angry". 

"It was very difficult for me reading that. It's bringing all the bad memories," Mohamad said.

"I think it's a very bad idea to make a movie and earn money from our pain."

She said the idea of the film was "unacceptable".

"The movie is just like the livestream. It's worse - worse than the livestream.

"It would encourage others to do the same, or even to make it better, to avoid the mistakes the terrorist made.

"I just want to ask the producers: if one of their loved ones was killed, would they like to see that and see how they died in a movie? And their children? Is it something good for them?

"I want to ask them to put themselves in my shoes."

The producers of They Are Us have pointed out the script is still in development and is subject to change. The film's Dubai-based producer Ayman Jama told Newshub "any victim family who does not want to share their story we... will not mention or showcase their loved ones' stories".

Newshub supplied questions to the agent representing both Rose Byrne and the Kiwi writer and director of the film, Andrew Niccol, but has yet to receive a response.