Mark Richardson's suggestion for Christchurch's runaway George the pig shocks Amanda Gillies

The AM Show sports presenter Mark Richardson has shocked co-host Amanda Gillies with his suggestion for the Christchurch runaway pet pig's future.

After a large black Captain Cooker was spotted strolling the street with a police escort attempting to herd it to safety, Newshub reporter Juliet Speedy tracked down the owner.

She discovered the 250kg hog was actually a pampered pet named George, and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle of jelly tip ice cream, pies, cream buns and beer.

But replaying video of the rotund porker on The AM Show gave Richardson some non-George-friendly ideas.

"It's a great idea isn't it, because eventually you can then eat your pet. You can't do that with dogs," he told co-host Amanda Gillies, who reacted with shock.

"Do not go there," she exclaimed.

But an undaunted Richardson elaborated on his plans for George's future.

"You're not going to have to bury it in the backyard are you… just turn it into bacon," he explained.

"Right now this is someone's pet," Gillies said. "Love it as a pet."

"He has every plan to eat that pig when it's lived its life," Richardson countered.

The thought of the succulent pig's flesh proved too much to Gillies, who began to muse on the tang of George.

"It's already marinated well in some good beer. I love that he loves good beer," she said.

"That's the thing, you can control its diet and go 'how do I want it to taste'," Richardson added.

Observing George's rotund size, host Duncan Garner suspected that nothing was controlling his diet.

"It would be sweet bacon, wouldn't it?" he asked.