Mitch James ecstatic as fan proposes to her girlfriend onstage at Hamilton show

Kiwi singer Mitch James couldn't hide his excitement after organising for a fan to come onstage and propose to her girlfriend at his Hamilton show at Claudelands Arena over the weekend. 

Katerina Clark reached out to the 'Sunday Morning' hitmaker during one of his Instagram live broadcasts, commenting: "Shout out and I'll propose to my girlfriend at your Hamilton show!" 

"Woah, woah, hold the phone!" James replied in a clip shared by Clark on social media. 

"Katerina, here is your shoutout, oh my God! Let's do this - we can organise that. Get in touch."

The video then shows James inviting Clark up on stage along with her partner Hannah Mae, who was oblivious to the plan. 

Clark takes a knee, sending the crowd wild while James appears ecstatic, dancing and jumping around with joy. 

"She said yes!" Clark announces into the microphone, before James runs to give them both a hug. 

"I just said something along the lines of 'I've loved you for so long and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I think you are beautiful and we are great together. I love you'," Clark told Newshub. 

Mitch James ecstatic as fan proposes to her girlfriend onstage at Hamilton show
Photo credit: Instagram/Katerina Clark

"I think the crowd is what made it awesome, they were so accepting and loving of us," she explained. 

Clark said the pair went outside for a drink after James' set was finished where they were swarmed by hundreds of well-wishers. 

"One comment I remember someone said 'you made me believe in love again'," she said. 

James wished the couple luck for the future, Clark added, and "thought it was awesome". 

"He's such a great guy, so humble," she said. 

Tauranga resident Clark is a Local Hero New Zealander of the Year, Tedx Talk speaker and has won two Youth Week awards for her advocacy work on behalf of the LGBTQ community. 

"I want the video to be an inspiration for anyone - especially LGBTQ people - to know that their love is accepted, and it's okay to be who you are and love who you want," she said.