Pregnant Samantha Hayes 'happy to be home' after 'scary few days' in hospital

Samantha Hayes is recovering at home after a "scary few days" spent in hospital fighting a mystery infection, facing worries her baby might be arriving two months early. 

The Newshub Live at 6pm presenter shared her ordeal on Instagram, thanking the team of health professionals that looked after her and kept her unborn child safe while she battled a high fever. 

"We don't know what made me so sick, the tests have been inconclusive, but the team at the hospital says the most likely culprit is a virus," Hayes explained. 

"Even with all my hand washing, food safety precautions and pregnancy paranoia, something still got me." 

The broadcaster said her COVID-19 test came back negative, but it got her thinking about protecting herself and those around her from coronavirus regardless. 

"If we can do anything to protect ourselves and the people around us from going through something like this, we should," she wrote. 

"I've spoken at length to my obstetrician and the obstetric physicians at the hospital and they've assured me the COVID-19 vaccine is safe for pregnant women and their babies. I’ll be getting mine as soon as I get the call up.

"For now though, time to rest and recuperate. I’ll see you back on the TV when I’m better and I’ve got a great story I’ve been working on for a while for you too." 

In March, Hayes announced she and her fiance Jeroen 'Jay' Blaauw were expecting their second child. The pair welcomed their son Marlow in September 2019.