Queen could cancel Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's invitation to jubilee celebrations over 'deeply disrespectful' memoir timing - insiders

Multiple royal insiders claim the Queen could cancel Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's invitations to her massive jubilee celebrations next year due to the Duke of Sussex's "deeply disrespectful" decision to release a memoir at the same time.

It emerged on Tuesday that publisher Penguin House will be releasing an "intimate and heartbreaking" memoir late next year from Prince Harry that covers his entire life.

It will likely include new details of the infamous Megxit scandal, where Harry and Meghan stepped down from their royal roles for privacy and independence in the United States. They've spent much of the time since participating in high-profile interviews and making entertainment content. 

Revelations Harry has been working on a book reportedly blindsided senior royals, with one royal biographer reporting it will likely "cause mayhem" among the Royal Family. A spokesperson for the Duke said he told his family about the book "very recently", but he didn't need their permission to write it. 

There are now concerns the memoir could overshadow the Queen's historic Platinum Jubilee next year, making the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II coming to the Crown. It will be the first time a British monarch has reached the milestone and a large number of celebrations are planned.

Next year also marks the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana's death and Prince William's 40th birthday.

The Daily Mail's Royal Editor Rebecca English says several sources have told her the decision to release a memoir - which is also likely to include controversial claims about Harry and Meghan's treatment in the UK - in the same year as the Jubilee is "deeply disrespectful". One source said the publication timing was "clearly deliberate" and it could mark the "last straw" for relations between Harry and the rest of his family. 

A Mail source said the Queen and Buckingham Palace could rescind Harry and Meghan's invitation to attend next year's celebrations in retaliation.

"Her Majesty has been at great pains to try to keep her relationship with her grandson and his family separate from the decisions she needs to make professionally, so to speak," the source said. "And the invitation for them to join her next year was a genuine one.

"Although things have been very difficult, there was a small, but enduring hope that enough time would have elapsed for things to heal. But the feeling internally [now] is that this book will be the last straw."

The source goes on to tell the media outlet it is "increasingly implausible" for Harry to be seen with the rest of his family again and that it's suspected "this is the end of the road". 

The Sun also quotes sources as saying it would be "impossible" for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to attend the big bash next year. 

In an opinion piece published on Mail Online, GB News host and former executive editor of The Sun Dan Wootton said Harry's decision to write a book has "torpedoed" any hope of salvaging his relationship with Prince Charles and Prince William 

"Multiple royal insiders tell me that there is a 'growing sense of shock and fury' among the royal palaces and Harry's own family members about his book plan," the Kiwi, who broke the Megxit story, writes.

"'This is the no going back moment - the final nail in the coffin of the Royal Family's relationship with Harry,' a senior royal source tells me. 'The emotional turmoil as they wait over a year for publication is going to be torturous'."

Relations between Harry and Meghan and the rest of the family have gone from bad to worse this year, especially in the wake of the couple's interview with Oprah Winfrey in which they accused the family of neglect and of racism.