Review: The Boy Behind the Door is a sinister, intense child abduction horror

If you like a film to grab you by the throat in the opening scene then gradually tighten its grip for the next hour and a half, this is for you.

The Boy Behind the Door has just been released on streaming service Shudder and is winning rave reviews after debuting at Fantastic Fest.

It follows two 12-year-old boys who are abducted and taken to a remote house for deeply sinister reasons.

Fairly quickly, one of them manages to escape - but he can't leave his buddy behind.

What follows is an intense game of cat-and-mouse as he tries to avoid the murderous kidnappers and work out a way to save his friend.

If you like the scenes in horror movies where people are hiding from the killer and hiding from their line of sight just in time, well, there's loads of that done really well here.

Probably avoid it if you suffer heart problems.

Much of the film is driven by young actors Lonnie Chavis and Ezra Dewey in the lead roles and they both deliver with solid performances.

However, The Boy Behind the Door is far from a home run.

There are a few plot holes that stick out like sore thumbs and detract from the tension at crucial times.

There's also some overt references to The Shining. One would've been cool - more than one gets a bit weird, as the filmmakers use their movie to remind you of a far, far better one.

The missteps hold this back from being a great film, but it's still an excellent slice of intensity that horror fans should check out.

Three stars.