Ryan Bridge's man bun chopped off by child cancer survivor during 36-hour talkathon fundraiser

Broadcaster Ryan Bridge has taken the plunge and allowed his trademark man bun to be chopped off during a 36-hour talkathon in aid of The Child Cancer Foundation. 

The radio host had been live-on air non stop since 6am Thursday morning with the aim of raising as much money for the cause as possible. 

Bridge vowed to cut off his long hair if donations cracked $100,000 - by 8am Friday morning the total was closer to $200,000. 

As promised, child cancer survivor Mya Butler - who was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma at the age of five in 2019 - was given the important job of handling the clippers, along with Bridge's barber from Slick Shop in Ponsonby. 

"I feel like they're really hacking away at it," Bridge said during the chop. 

Onlookers applauded as the ponytail was finally removed, with Bridge declaring: "That is disgusting!"

Asked how he felt with a shorter 'do, Bridge replied: "Very, very weird. I feel like I've lost a tail." 

The Magic Talk host said he would be donating his ponytail to a charity that makes wigs for cancer sufferers, and also took the opportunity to thank everyone who had generously donated to the cause. 

At the time of writing, the talkathon has doubled their goal of $100,000, having raised $225,040. The event is set to finish at 6pm on Friday.