Six60 'proud new owners' of 660 Castle Street house in Dunedin

Six60 have announced they've purchased the Dunedin flat where some of the band's founding members lived during their university years. 

The group shared the news on their Facebook page, saying they were "excited" to be the "proud new owners" of 660 Castle Street. 

According to One Roof, the property sold for $1.7 million in March this year.

Lead singer Matiu Walters and guitarist Ji Fraser moved into the flat in 2006 with some other friends from Otago University. As their jam sessions turned into band practice, they became known as the 660 boys, which evolved into Six60 with the release of their first EP. 

The band has since made surprise appearances at parties at the flat and it has become somewhat of a tourist attraction for devotees of the 'Special' hitmakers. 

Six60 didn't announce their plans for the two-storey brick building, located near the Botanical Gardens, but fans had plenty of their own ideas. 

"I sense a future museum/shrine or even an upcoming music scholarship free accomodation place for this lil number," one Facebook user wrote. 

"Imagine if that got turned into a music studio for other young aspiring NZ talent!" said another. 

"That's epic PARTY IS ON!" said another. 

One commenter claimed her son was currently living in the flat, writing: "Please don’t kick current tenants out until the end of the uni year... I told them to clean the toilet!" 

Others simply celebrated the band's "full circle moment". 

"The home and hub of where it all began and now a new chapter. How awesome is that!?" one comment read. 

"That's pretty amazing to be able to own the place where all the magic happened." 

At the time of writing, Six60's Facebook post about their new property purchase had racked up 13,000 likes and nearly 800 comments in less than an hour.