Watch: Zac Efron 'busts grandpa out' of rest home to watch Euro 2020 final

Zac Efron has delighted fans with a video of him and his brother Dylan Efron breaking their grandad out of his rest home for the day to watch the Euro 2020 final. 

The clip, set to the Mission: Impossible theme music, sees Efron 'sneak' into the nursing home, pretend to steal a swipe card, perform a forward roll and burst into his grandad's room. 

"Let's get out of here," Efron's grandad declares as he dons his hat and is wheeled outside to the waiting getaway car in his wheelchair. 

On the road to freedom, the brothers and their granddad down fizzy drinks before catching the final of the Euro 2020 match on television. 

"Damn, Grandpa's better at acting than I am," the Hollywood star declares at the end of the video. 

At the time of writing, the clip has been viewed more than 7.3 million times, with fans and fellow celebrities dubbing it "freaking adorable" and "precious". 

"Zac, I love High School Musical but this might be my favorite film of yours yet," one comment read.