WHO Magazine's ill-worded 'tribute' to Home and Away actor Ray Meagher fools Aussies into thinking he's dead

Actor Ray Meagher.
Actor Ray Meagher. Photo credit: Getty Images

An Australian magazine has been criticised for an ill-worded birthday "tribute" which made it seem like a Home and Away actor had died.

Soap opera veteran Ray Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart, celebrated his 77th birthday on Sunday with many cast members posting well-wishes to social media.

WHO Magazine also shared to Facebook a link to a commemorative story along with a photo of Meagher and his on-screen daughter, played by actress Georgie Parker.

"The whole cast and crew love you very much: Tributes are flowing for Home And Away's most iconic star, Ray Meagher," the post said.

But some fans took the post's wording to mean Meagher had died, news.com.au reported.

"Strewth I thought he had passed," one person wrote.

"Change the description of your post. I thought he had passed away. Misleading," another said.

"Jesus guys! Don't give the whole of Australia a collective heart attack. PICK YOUR HEADLINES BETTER."

The post has since been deleted but the story has been picked up by media.

Pedestrian reported they "don't think the post gave off the vibe they intended".

"Specifically, the post made it seem like he had passed away. Which, you know, is not really the celebratory birthday energy you’d expect."