COVID-19 Minister Chris Hipkins responds to George FM remixes of his 'spread their legs' gaffe

Chris Hipkins has responded with light-hearted "trepidation" to an influx of DJ remixes of his now infamous "spread their legs" gaffe. 

George FM spoke to the COVID-19 Response Minister after launching a competition to find the best dance remix of his unfortunate choice of words during Sunday's 1pm press conference. 

Hipkins inadvertently referred to the difficulties Kiwis faced trying to "spread their legs" in highly populated areas, having meant to say "stretch their legs". 

George FM's breakfast hosts Tammy and Lee shared some of the remix submissions the station had received to Hipkins during an interview on Wednesday, despite the minister's "trepidation". 

Asked by Lee what he thought of the "amazing" tracks, Hipkins replied: "I don't know that you're going to be hearing that on the nightclub circuit any time soon!"

"You'll be surprised!" Tammy and Lee responded, prompting Hipkins to counter: "I can only hope…" 

"You're going to have to get a manager, because festivals like Rhythm and Vines might reach out for you to come and be an MC on the night, what do you reckon?" asked Lee. 

"Do I get paid commission for all of these?" Hipkins responded. 

The winner of the competition was announced as music producer Jar-No, whose  'Spread Their Legs' remix was played on George FM on Thursday morning. 

George FM listeners dubbed the track "gold" and a "f**king banger" on the station's Facebook page, with one commenter asking: "How bloody good is that?"