Joseph Gordon-Levitt holds back tears talking about 'wonderful' life in New Zealand

Joseph Gordon-Levitt became emotional during an interview on The Project NZ when talking about how "wonderful" living in Aotearoa during the COVID-19 pandemic had been. 

The Hollywood star relocated to New Zealand to finish filming his new television show Mr Corman, which meant the show's creators were tasked with replicating the streets of Los Angeles in Wellington. 

Since filming wrapped on the show, Gordon-Levitt has stuck around and has no shortage of nice things to say about life down under - becoming visibly emotional as he discussed his experiences in NZ. 

"Let me just say I feel like we won the lottery getting to be here, I've felt so lucky," he told the hosts of The Project. 

"The people here in New Zealand, both that I've worked with, and the people I've met in my life, in my family's life have just been so - I'm getting emotional just saying it - it's been so wonderful being here and I feel really lucky," he added, fighting back tears. 

"I look out at the beautiful ocean and I say 'Where am I? I can't believe I get to be here'." 

The Inception star explained the production team, which includes Weta Digital, had been using "true movie magic techniques" to render the suburbs of Los Angeles, where the show is set and where Gordon-Levitt grew up. 

"It's no Shire, but it's accurate," he said. 

Mr Corman debuted on Apple TV+ last week and follows the story of a fifth-grade teacher who struggles with anxiety, loneliness and a failed music career.