Lorde reveals she was 'intent' on distancing herself from body image issues as a teen

Lorde kicked body-image issues "out of the conversation" during her teenage years.

The 24-year-old star - who released her debut album, Pure Heroine, in 2013 - has revealed that she made a conscious effort to distance herself from body-image issues during her younger years, as she "didn't want people to be talking" about her in that way.

She shared: "I sort of kicked that out of the conversation. I was pretty intent about that. I didn't want people to be talking about what my body looked like. I was a kid.

"And I really wasn't 'in' my body. As a teenager, you kind of wear your body like an outfit that doesn't fit yet."

Lorde - who is releasing her long-awaited new album, Solar Power, this month - is ultimately glad that she decided to approach the issue how she did, acknowledging that her body "is not a big centre of curiosity now".

She told the Irish Times newspaper: "It definitely was something I very specifically did not invite. I think it all worked out. How my body looks is not a big centre of curiosity now. Which I think is in part because of the grounding I laid as a teenager.

"So yeah - I feel good about baby me doing that for future me."

Lorde hasn't released an album in four years and she admits that returning to the spotlight after so long has taken some readjustment.

The pop star - whose real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor - explained: "This is a huge adjustment for me. All of a sudden people are touching me and looking at me. It's their job to have me looking a certain way. 

"This new focus on my physicality is always a big adjustment. It's so strange to me."

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