Rihanna shares clip of Cardi B, Jennifer Lawrence, Lil Nas X, others raving about how good she smells

Rihanna is determined to let her fans know just how good she smells amid promoting her new Fenty Parfum line, sharing a star-studded montage of celebrities verifying her 'heavenly' scent. 

The 'We Found Love' hitmaker uploaded the minute-long clip to Twitter, featuring moments from interviews with Jennifer Lawrence, Lil Nas X, Jim Parson, Cardi B and many more celebrities, radio hosts and influencers. 

All those famous faces agree - Rihanna smells incredible. Lil Nas X named her when asked what his favourite smell was, while Cardi B told cameras at an awards show: "She smell good!" 

"[She] had really really soft skin and smelled really good," Jennifer Lawrence said in another moment from an interview. 

"I can't even describe what she smelled like, but it was one of those things that literally left a memory on my mind when I walked away," one radio host said. 

When Jim Parsons, who starred in the movie Home with the pop star, was asked to describe her scent, he simply replied: "Heaven." 

Years & Years singer Olly Alexander said it was like "dreams and wishes coming true".

Meanwhile, Ryan Seacreast dubbed her "the best smelling celeb" at the 2015 Grammys, claiming he "smelled everyone" on the red carpet. 

Rihanna captioned the clip "just sayin'", along with a shrug emoji. The singer celebrated the fact that her new perfume line sold out by sharing a series of snaps eating caviar in bed on Instagram Wednesday morning (NZ time).