Solar Power album: Lorde reveals song 'Big Star' written for her dog Pearl that died, more revelations about new record

Lorde's much-anticipated album Solar Power has dropped, bringing with it nine new songs to join the already released titular track, 'Stoned at the Nail Salon' and 'Mood Ring'. 

The deluxe edition of the Kiwi singer's latest record features two bonus tracks: 'Helen of Troy' and 'Hold No Grudge', but those aren't the only extras she's offering her die-hard fans. 

In one 'storyline' shared on Spotify, Lorde explains how she wrote the song 'Big Star' for her beloved dog Pearl, who died in 2019. At the time, Lorde told fans the loss was delaying her work on her third album, due to the overwhelming grief she was experiencing. 

"This song is about my dog, my beautiful boy Pearl who I love so much and miss everyday," Lorde's note reads, according to screenshots from a fan on Twitter. 

"I wrote it before he died, before I knew that there was anything wrong with him. 

"I wrote this at home on the piano, I remember he was lying underneath it, I looked down and was like: 'You big dummy, you're never going to know I'm writing this song about how much I love you'."

Another fan shared screenshots of Lorde's commentary on her song 'Oceanic Feeling', which closes the album.  

"I like that the album is bookended by songs written solely by me," the note reads. 

"This song is about New Zealand, my family, the past, the future." 

The first song on the album, which we now know was also written by Lorde alone, is called 'The Path'. In it, the 24-year-old discusses her being thrust into fame at a young age, with lyrics like "teen millionaire having nightmares from the camera flash" and "arm in a cast at the museum gala", referring to her attending the 2016 Met Ball at the age of 19 with a broken arm.