The AM Show host Duncan Garner announces departure from Three

  • 23/08/2021
Duncan Garner's departure from Three brings his almost 20 years of service to a close.
Duncan Garner's departure from Three brings his almost 20 years of service to a close. Photo credit: Three/Discovery NZ

Broadcaster Duncan Garner has announced his resignation from Three.

In a statement released this morning, The AM Show host said he has decided to leave the show after almost five years, saying it has been the “best job ever”  but that he was struggling with the “brutal hours”.

Garner's departure from Three brings his almost 20 years of service to a close. During this time he has been the network's political editor, co-presenter of Story, co-host of 3rd Degree, host of The Nation, host of Radio Live Drive for five years, fronted Three’s Election Night programming across multiple elections and for the past five years, he has anchored The AM Show.

"I am so proud of what we have achieved in all the teams I've been a part of and in this tough, hostile business you're deluded if you think you do it alone," Garner said.  “Three and now Discovery has the most talented staff and best journos I've ever worked with. Their commitment, knowledge, sources, sheer guts and work ethic is legendary and continues to be so.”

"This place has been home for 20 years and it's bloody hard to say goodbye but I have to. I have a few important family and personal things that need my attention and now is the right time to go," he added.

The broadcaster said he would miss his co-hosts Amanda Gilles and Mark Richardson and the show’s "loyal audience".

"I have a particularly heavy heart leaving our AM team and have loved being on air daily with Amanda and Mark. They are brilliant, fun co-hosts and I trust them immensely. Our wider team are absolute troopers and I appreciate all the opportunities provided to me by management."

Newshub Director of News, Sarah Bristow, paid tribute to Garner’s years of service to Three.

"Duncan is an award-winning journalist who has been a huge part of Newshub and Three for two decades. He is an exceptional conversationalist who has the ability to extract information out of politicians and hold them to account, while also connecting with everyday Kiwis, understanding the issues that impact them the most," she said.

"Over the years, Duncan has helped mentor some of our brightest journalists and for the last five years has driven the news agenda with his interviews on The AM Show. Morning television hours are gruelling and I respect Duncan’s decision to focus on himself and his family. Duncan leaves with my best wishes for his future."

Duncan Garner’s departure is effective immediately. Ryan Bridge will be hosting The AM Show this week and an announcement regarding Garner’s replacement will be made in due course.