The White Lotus a delectably written show to binge during COVID-19 lockdown

Cinemas are taking yet another blow as lockdown closes their doors once again, audiences turning to their televisions and devices to entertain them.

But there is still a great way to support local film as well as bingeing all your streaming favourites.

Juniper is yet another excellent local film starring none other than Charlotte Rampling - Oscar-nominated icon of international cinema - set to debut on the big screen in 2021.

She'll be waiting in the wings a while longer as Delta dawns but I promise you this gem is worth that wait.

Meantime, you can still support local and from home, plumbing the glorious depths of the New Zealand film library to either rent or buy recent and archive classics.

You can journey wherever the mood takes you from the rural Aotearoa heartland of Bellbird deep into the mighty heart of Cousins. With lockdown lols just a click away to the genuinely hilarious antics of The Breaker Upperers.

Of course with this much time on our hands, it's bingeing time. 

I've seen two shows this year which have blown my tiny mind. Mare of Easttown was one. The other? The White Lotus.

Even just hearing a few notes of this indelible score has me immediately drifting back to Hawaii to the exclusive White Lotus resort where the guests check-in for a week of rich people pampering as the hotel staff try to survive yet another week of exactly that.

Of course, one person will not survive the week, but who? Vacationer or local? 

After just a few episodes your list of deserving candidates will balloon, as this delectably written show bursting with an unforgettably monstrous cast of characters delivered by awards-worthy performances refuses to release its grip.

All six episodes can be now be binged on Neon.