COVID-19: P-Money tweets eerie prediction about surge of 45 new cases in Auckland

Kiwi DJ and music producer P-Money appeared to be ahead of the COVID-19 guessing game on Wednesday when he tweeted a nearly spot-on prediction about a surge of cases. 

The long-time Scribe collaborator asked his Twitter followers: "Who reckons we'll see more than 40 new cases today?" at around 10.30am, ahead of the 1pm announcement that revealed there were 45 new COVID-19 cases in the community - all in Auckland.  

P-Money included a poll with his tweet, which gave Twitter users the option to answer 'less', 'more' or 'I cry'. 

Shortly after the news of the new cases broke, the 'Everything' hitmaker tweeted that 10 percent of respondents were "psychic", implying they had chosen 'more'. 

"Including you! Haha How did you know??" one Twitter user replied, but P-Money so far hasn't revealed any secret abilities. 

In fact, he admitted he had "no actual knowledge" via a meme shared in response to TVNZ reporter Andrew McFarlane's retweet, asking "What did P-Money know that we didn't???" 

The hip-hop star included a shrug emoji and later in a follow up tweet declared: "Level 5 it is." 

After one follower who asked: "Ya still making music brah? Or just tweeting about COVID," P-Money replied: "Just COVID." 

Newshub has approached P-Money for comment, and/or access to his crystal ball.