George FM listeners offended by National MP Chris Bishop's 'uncalled for' jab at drum and bass 'fanatics'

National MP Chris Bishop has invoked the wrath of Aotearoa's drum and bass community after making fun of the genre while revealing the Opposition's proposed COVID-19 plan. 

Dance music radio station George FM shared a clip from Wednesday's National Party press conference titled 'Chris Bishop doesn't understand drum and bass', in which the politician used the concept of vaccine entry requirements at gigs as an example of incentivising immunisation against COVID-19. 

"If you're a massive drum and bass fanatic - I don't know why you would be, but if you are - and one of those conditions of going to drum and bass post-midnight is you get vaccinated, then you'll probably go and get vaccinated," Bishop said. 

"That's probably a good thing, that's probably a reason to do it. And if you decide that your personal choice not to be vaccinated outweighs your love of drum and bass, that's your choice, and good luck to you." 

Warning: The below video features strong language that may offend. 

George FM edited the clip to include a moment from a fan Q+A video featuring drum and bass DJs AMC and Turno, in which they're laughing and exclaiming "this is f**ked up, you're f**ked!" seemingly in response to Bishop's quip. 

In posts shared on social media, George FM wrote: "While we agree with the point he was trying to make, we just can't get around MP Chris Bishop's take on drum and bass."

The footage quickly garnered outrage from drum and bass "fanatics" across the country, with some dubbing the comment "rough" and "uncalled for", while others were less polite. 

"What an uptight knob, this is what happens to people who don't listen to D&B," one comment said. 

"*Loses votes of all ravers in a single sentence*" said another. 

"Who's uncle is this? Take him home," demanded a third, while another suggested Bishop might prefer the musical stylings of Taylor Swift. 

Conversely, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has made no secret of her affection for drum and bass artists.

She has frequently gushed over Kiwi dance music legends Shapeshifter in interviews, gifted Prince Harry one of their albums when he visited in 2018 and even used their track 'Stars' in her 2020 Labour campaign launch

The Prime Minister and former DJ replied "anything from Shapeshifter" when asked what track she would open with if she were playing a set at a post-COVID-19 lockdown party last year. 

Ardern also approved of Belgian drum and bass producer Netsky's track 'I See The Future In Your Eyes' during an interview on George FM in 2020.