Kim Kardashian corrects Ellen DeGeneres in awkward exchange about son Psalm

Kim Kardashian didn't hesitate to correct Ellen DeGeneres during an awkward exchange about the reality star's 2-year-old son Psalm West which has gone viral on Twitter. 

Kim appeared on The Ellen Show, now in its farewell season, where the pair chatted about the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star's famous family, including her children. 

Looking at a photo of Psalm, Ellen said: "Psalm was the one wearing the giant chain around his neck. He wears this fake giant chain -" before being cut off by Kim. 

"Wait, did you say fake?" the KKW beauty mogul asked, prompting a tense pause and jeers from the audience. 

"It's not!" she continued. 

"Oh my God, it's huge! How can he keep his head up?" Ellen asked. "It looks like it's a wrestler's belt or something. It's not fake?" 

"No, it's not," Kim replied. 

"I just assumed because it's so huge, that's hilarious," Ellen said. 

"Yeah, no," Kim responded, effectively shutting down the conversation for good. 

Footage of the moment soon is doing the rounds online, where fans delighted in Kim's snappy response and Ellen copped backlash for calling the chain 'fake' in the first place. 

"Fake or not, the word didn't have to be mentioned," one tweet read. "It's giving 'I love your weave' [vibes]." 

"Why would you even have mentioned 'fake'? So unnecessary. Oh this Ellen woman!" read another. 

"Kim said 'Ellen don't play with my child please. We look poor to you?'," a third Twitter user said. 

"Love Kim for this. Ellen doesn't know how to behave herself," another offered. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Kim - who has four children with ex-husband Kanye West - said she was "done" with having kids, but was celebrating the fact her half-sister Kylie Jenner was expecting another baby soon.