Mai FM's Tegan Yorwarth shuts down body-shamers sending 'shocking' messages about her weight on Instagram

Mai FM breakfast host Tegan Yorwarth has responded to body-shamers on Instagram commenting about her image and weight, telling them: "I'm happy and healthy, so f**k off." 

The broadcaster shared several offensive comments and private messages she has recently received on social media, including one accusing her of having a "lockdown tummy", another asking "Where you been? KFC?" and a third dubbing her "chubbs". 

Responding to the comments with a snap of herself shared on her Instagram Story, Yorwath wrote: "When I'm caught at a bad angle, I know. When I've put on some extra weight, I know. When I'm not as toned as the next girl, I know. And when you see cellulite on my thighs, I know."

"I've gained around 10kg in the last year, I know, so let's stop messaging me asking about the extra KFC I've been eating or that I look a bit 'chubbs'," she continued. 

Mai FM's Tegan Yorwarth shuts down body-shamers sending 'shocking' messages about her weight on Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram/Tegan Yorwarth

"Weight fluctuates. It happens. Who cares? I'm healthy and happy, so f**k off," she added, along with a laughing emoji face. 

The Mai Mornings Crew member added that she "never usually cared what people said about her body" but that there had been "so many" comments and private messages on the subject in the past few weeks that she was finding it "rough". 

"I don't want my relationship with exercise to become that which serves others before myself. Nor do I want my relationship with my body to become a toxic one," she wrote. 

"People read the comments you make. And those people are usually their own harshest critic before you are. Lol, I wish I cared less but here we are!" 

Yorwarth's post prompted words of encouragement from former Dancing With The Stars NZ contestant and social media personality Jess Quinn, who said she had been "shocked" by the comments. 

"It actually blows my mind that people feel they have a right to comment on someone else's body. Like ever... I just wanted to send out a reminder that it's never ever OK," she wrote on Instagram. 

"Thank you for calling it out Tegan, and for standing up for yourself." 

Greer Perenara, fellow Instagram influencer and wife of All Black TJ Perenara, also took the opportunity to throw her support behind Yorwarth. 

"If you have the audacity to comment negatively on someone's weight or image in a DM or comment section on Instagram... go take a good long hard look at yourself in the mirror and slap yo'self," she wrote. 

"How do people think it's okay? I've been on the receiving end and I am with you girl. PS, you are beautiful." 

Yorwarth told Newshub it was "so cool to have Jess and Greer tautoko what I posted". The radio host said she had received "so many beautiful messages" as a result of her post, adding that she was "so grateful" for all of them.