Review: Nicholas Cage gives a top performance in the cinematic feast Pig

Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage is showing no signs of slowing down and continues to confound and impress critics and audiences with his choice of roles.

His latest film is called, quite simply, Pig.

The most simple of premises can be the most wonderful thing which it's done right. And with Cage bringing home the bacon, delivering one of the performances of his career, Pig is done right.

I'm not going to dig too deeply on the plot here, the simplicity means the potential for knowing too much and diminishing your experience is too great.

The basics are this: Cage lives in the gorgeous forested outskirts of Portland in Oregan. His sole companion is his truffle pig. When his beloved companion is pig-napped, the hunt to find him will take Cage back to the life he's turned his back on and a past he's yet to make his peace with.

Cage is magnificent with young Alex Wolff 100 percent holding his own opposite him, and the writing, the pace, it's a cinematic feast.  

See it on the big screen if you can, it's a five-star watch.