Sharyn Casey, Tegan Yorwarth, Meg Mansell, others hit back at 'women in radio are slobs' comment on Instagram

A 'who's-who' of New Zealand's female radio hosts are responding to an Instagram comment that declared "all women who do radio" are "such slobs" by sharing photos of themselves at work. 

The #BigSlobEnergy trend began when Mai FM host Tegan Yorwarth shared one of the many bullying comments she receives on social media on her Instagram story. 

"Why are ALL WOMEN who do radio such slobs?" the commenter wrote. "Always dirty hair or clothes on video." 

In response, broadcasters like Sharyn Casey, Kara Rickard, Meg Mansell and K'Lee joined Yorwarth in showcasing their "Monday best" in a defiant stand against the attitude shown by the troll. 

Sharyn Casey, Tegan Yorwarth, Meg Mansell, others hit back at 'women in radio are slobs' comment on Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram/Tegan Yorwarth

"Apparently all women in radio are slobs," Yorwarth captioned a series of snaps on Instagram. 

"Here's my slobby ass along with a bunch of my radio sisters in our Monday best. Grateful for these women having my back. We're not dressed to impress anyone! Bury me in my tracksuits thanks. And if you catch me in slides, mind ya business." 

The Edge Afternoons host Sharyn Casey's submission read: "Enjoy my sexy maternity pants with matcha splashes and hair I washed last week... should probably check out these tidy ass men around work." 

Meanwhile, her colleague Meg Mansell from the Edge Breakfast show - who is also expecting a baby - captioned her photos: "Apparently all women in radio dress like slobs?! Can't relate. Only ever spotless, fashionable clothes and clean, fresh hair over here." 

In a comment on Yorwarth's post, Mansell added: "Saw my top had a stain on it this morning, wore it anyway, STILL did a good job." 

The Edge Workdays host Steph Monks chimed in: "Standing with my wāhine in radio, AKA slobs. Unrealistic beauty standards suck. We rule. The end." 

Former George FM Breakfast host Kara Rickard wrote: "Guys, it looks like ALL WOMEN in radio are slobs. These pictures capture what my slobby ass looked like 95 percent of the 10 years I was on air. 

"I wore what I wanted cause we do not have to look good for you! We can wear whatever we want and don't actually give a f**k about living up to your beauty standards." 

Mai FM Day host K'Lee added: "Joining the clap back on 'ALL women' on radio look like slobs!"

"Insert my zero cares on wearing no makeup, and living my best life, doing what I love," she added. 

"Note to self - keep your image body shaming comments to yourself - I feel sorry for your mum." 

George Drive host Sin Howard also joined the trend, declaring: "As slobs we stand!" while The Edge Nights host Sophie Nathan joked: "Sorry everyone, it's in the contract, we have to look like this." 

Just last week, Tegan Yorwarth shared several offensive messages and comments she had received online about her appearance and weight, responding to cyberbullies with a statement that read: "Weight fluctuates. It happens. Who cares? I'm healthy and happy, so f**k off."