Spencer movie: Kristen Stewart's 'uncanny' portrayal of Princess Diana brings fans to tears, gives 'goosebumps'

Kristen Stewart's portrayal of Princess Diana has been given it's first proper showing with the release of the full-length cinematic trailer for the upcoming film Spencer

Directed by Pablo Larraín, the film takes place over three days during one of Diana's final Christmas holidays as part of the royal family  - a "critical weekend" in which the royal decided her marriage to Prince Charles was doomed. 

Fans have finally been given a glimpse at Stewart's take on Diana's accent and mannerisms in the emotionally charged trailer, which viewers said gave them "goosebumps" and brought them to tears. 

"There's no hope for me, not with them," Stewart's Diana says in one scene, while in another she delivers the ominous line: "Will they kill me, do you think?" 

Spencer is already generating serious Oscar buzz, having received glowing reviews for Stewart's performance and Larraín's direction, among other elements. 

Meanwhile, movie-lovers are gushing over the trailer online, calling Stewart's embodiment of the 'people's princess' "perfection" and "uncanny". 

"Everything looks impeccable … But what struck me the most was the way Kristen carries herself. She's transformed, maybe not in terms of resemblance to Diana, but more like in a spiritual and behavioural manner. I believe her portrayal of the dear Lady Di will really be one for the ages," one YouTube user commented. 

"I got goosebumps. The haters who said Kristen Stewart can't act, Spencer will once again prove how ignorant you’ve always been," wrote another. 

"I can feel Princess Diana's depression in Kristen's eyes," offered a third. 

"From this trailer, it looks like it's not an impersonation but a personification of Princess Diana's sadness, loneliness and her struggle to fight it all. I can't wait to see the full movie." 

One commenter said they would "raise holy hell" if the film wasn't nominated for Best Actress, Best Score, Best Costume, Best Makeup and Best Cinematography Oscars. 

"Kristen is going to be fantastic! This trailer made me cry," another comment read. 

"Her accent, her acting, her body language, it's all perfection," another agreed. 

"I wasn't a fan of Kristen but I think she deserves an Oscar nomination for this." 

Spencer will hit New Zealand cinemas in January 2022.