The Chase viewers outraged as blind student asked 'awful' questions about colour, art

Viewers of The Chase have dubbed a series of questions from the show "awful" and "unfair", after a blind contestant was asked to name the colour of a snooker ball and quizzed about visual art. 

Josh, an astrophysics student, along with teammates Jen, Phil, and Lesley took on chaser Mark 'The Beast' Labbett to win the cash prize, but fans were left outraged at the questions asked of him. 

Host Bradley Walsh began by asking Josh, who is sight-impaired: "At the start of a snooker frame, which ball is placed furthest from the player?" 

Josh incorrectly guessed pink, while The Beast chose the correct answer, black. Elsewhere in the game Josh was asked a question about visual art, and another about bioluminescence. 

Josh ended up being 'caught' by the chaser and eliminated from the team. 

While some viewers acknowledged the selection of questions was random, others remained upset at the situation, calling the questions "brutal" and "unacceptable".

"Very unfair chase for Josh - some awful questions," one tweet read. 

"Asking a blind bloke about snooker ball colours on The Chase is a bit harsh! No wonder he had no idea," said another. 

"Brutal set of questions for Josh on The Chase then, wanted him to win big too!" wrote a third. 

One Twitter user said it was "hard to believe" what they had just seen on screen, while another asked ITV: "Did you think colour questions for a blind contestant acceptable?" 

Meanwhile, Mark 'The Beast' Labbett hit back at complainants who had tagged him and host Bradley Walsh on Twitter, insisting they were "two people who have no input on questions at all" and urging fans to take up the issue with ITV producers, declaring that airing grievances elsewhere was a "waste of time". 

"Why are you copying me in?" he asked one perturbed fan. "Nothing to do with me." 

Labbett also insisted question selection on The Chase was entirely random, adding: "Something like 2-3 percent are 'visual' questions and statistically should occur sometime to a visually impaired player."