Top picks for lucky level 2 cinema-goers, new Disney+ show for those in lockdown

For those of you luckily lolling about in level 2 luxury, you can add your local cinema to your list of enticing destinations.

You can also continue to support local with two excellent NZ releases back on the big screen.

I need to live vicariously through all you lucky level 2 film lovers - please go to the movies for me this weekend!  And look at all these wonderful choices you have.

Keep it local with the five-star watch that is Essie Davis and Thomason McKenzie in The Justice of Bunny King, back in cinemas.

And if you've been missing taking the family on a good ole roadie while you've been on lockdown you most certainly won't be after watching the chillingly gripping feature debut for Wellington filmmaker James Ashcroft called Coming Home in the Dark, a most excellent four-and-a-half star watch.

Of course some cheering up might also be in order so for some rampant silliness courtesy of Ryan and Taika get amongst Free Guy or leave the kids at home for just as much silliness but of the R-rated variety in The Suicide Squad.

For the rest of us doing the hard level 4 yards, stay home, stay safe, and binge the heck out of your bubble.

Head to Disney+ for their marvellous new Star show Only Murders in the Building.

Steve Martin, Martin Short and weirdly yet wonderfully as it turns out Selena Gomez star. All residents of a grand old New York apartment building, they discover they're all hooked on the same true-crime podcast and when a man is murdered across the hall, they start a podcast of their own.

Four episodes in, I am entirely on board with this delightful show and their mysterious dynamic. Highly, highly recommended.