Where is Kate Middleton? Speculation grows as Duchess of Cambridge not seen for 58 days

Royal commentators are speculating over the whereabouts of Kate Middleton, who hasn't been photographed or taken part in any public engagements in nearly 60 days. 

The Duchess of Cambridge was last seen attending the Wimbledon Men's Singles Final and the Euro 2020 final on the same day on July 11. 

The longest the mother-of-three previously went without being spotted last year was 41 days, and the year before, 33. Royal expert Daniela Esler points out that the last time Kate had a similarly lengthy time out of the spotlight was when she was suffering from acute morning sickness while pregnant in 2017. 

While the jury remains out on whether the Duchess could be expecting baby number four, rumours of various sightings of Kate point to a vacation in the Isles of Scilly or the annual family trip to Balmoral Castle in Scotland. 

Last week, Vanity Fair reported that Kate and Prince William are teaching their children how to sail during their summer school holidays on the Norfolk coast. 

Newshub's Europe Correspondent Lisette Reymer joked that the press was dealing with the "curious case of Kate Middleton" who "can't be found", noting that it was fairly unlikely that the double-vaccinated Duchess had caught COVID-19, as some might suggest.