Alec Baldwin shooting: Devastating 911 audio captures moments after gun fired on film set

"It went off and I ran out, we all ran out."
"It went off and I ran out, we all ran out." Photo credit: Getty Images.

The devastating aftermath of the fatal shooting on a United States film set on Friday has been captured in a 911 audio call to emergency services. 

While in production on Friday for new film Rust, actor Alec Baldwin accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza when he fired what was meant to only be a prop gun. According to an affidavit from local law enforcement, Baldwin had been told only moments earlier that the weapon was not filled with live rounds.

More details of the incident have now been revealed in a 911 call from an individual on the set to emergency services. 

In the audio, the woman, reported to be Mamie Mitchell, a script supervisor on the film, calls for an ambulance to come to the set at Bonanza Creek Ranch in New Mexico.

"We have has two people accidentally shot on a movie set by a prop gun. We need help immediately," she can be heard saying. "They need some help. Our director and our camerawoman has been shot."

The dispatcher asks the caller whether the prop gun was loaded with a real bullet, to which the woman replies: "We don't... I don't… I cannot tell you that."

She reveals the shooting took place during a rehearsal. 

"It went off and I ran out, we all ran out."

The woman, clearly upset, passes the phone over to a man.

He says Hutchins and Souza were alert and both had a single wound. The pair were later taken to hospital, but while Souza could be discharged, Hutchins succumbed to her injury. 

TMZ also reports an extended version of the call indicates the female caller was upset with another member of the crew as they were meant to check the guns. 

A union, which represents film crew members like prop designers, special effects artists and set builders, said the weapon contained a "live single round". However, those working on this film were not members of the union. 

Baldwin, a producer on the film, has since released a statement saying he is "fully cooperating with the police investigation" and his "heart is broken" for the family and friends of Hutchins. 

No charges have been laid against anyone, with the sheriff's spokesperson, Juan Rios, saying Baldwin was a "free man".