Award-winning films incoming with Whānau Mārama New Zealand International Film Festival

A juicy swathe of award-winning films have just been added to the programme of the Whānau Mārama New Zealand International Film Festival.

Among them is a New Zealand-Canadian co-production executive produced by Taika Waititi.

Film festival lovers gird your loins, a selection of some of the best films from Cannes, Berlin and Toronto are on their way as the Whānau Mārama NZ International Film Festival prepares to hit screens across the country at the end of the month.

Among them is a delectable looking memoir from Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino called The Hand of God.

From sun-drenched 80's Naples to the much darker dystopian future of Night Raiders, a NZ Canadian co-production, it's an indigenous female-driven story that follows a desperate Cree woman and her search for her daughter amidst the war-torn throes of military occupation.  

It's a must-see.

Of course, already on the ticket, Jane Campion's NZ-shot The Power of the Dog.

The fest kicks off at the end of the month and diary-in October 14 for ticket sales.

From the big screen to lockdown bingeing with Netflix's horror Midnight Mass.

This one's for fans of horror maestro Mike Flanagan of Haunting of Hill House fame and not for the faint of heart as Flanagan deep dives into themes of faith, grief and the supernatural in a small island community.

I loved everything about this creepy slow burner and at just seven episodes it's an easy - if spooky - binge watch.