Britney Spears' nude Instagram pics prompt shock, praise and Photoshop accusations

Britney Spears has bared all in a series of completely nude photos shared on Instagram, leaving fans divided as the singer celebrates freedom from her father's conservatorship. 

The 'Toxic' singer told fans she was "on cloud nine" in an earlier Instagram post shortly after Jamie Spears' suspension from his role as conservator of her estate, but the pop star has taken her new-found freedom a defiant step further while vacationing on a tropical island. 

Britney posed fully naked in multiple photos shared online with the caption: "Playing in the Pacific never hurt nobody!"

Flower emojis were strategically placed to ensure the photos didn't break Instagram's nudity rules, but the images still prompted shock and outrage from some. 

"Britney, what if your child sees this?" one Instagram user asked, while another wrote simply: "Please don't do this." 

Others showed concern for the Grammy winner's mental state, dubbing the nude pics "abnormal behaviour". 

"This isn't an 'I'm free thing, I need to do what I want to do' she is still struggling mentally. It's pretty clear," one comment read. 

"You've lost your mind," said another. 

"You don't need that kind of exhibitionism... People are fighting for your freedom, don't lose all that," a third commenter wrote. 

Meanwhile, droves of fans rejoiced at Britney's apparent feelings of liberation, exclaiming: "FREE THE NIPNEY!" and: "That's what freedom looks like." 

There were also, of course, eagle-eyed commenters accusing the 'Gimme More' star of editing the photos, claiming a warped background was evidence of retouching. 

"I love you Britney but you don't need to edit anything about your body," one fan wrote. 

"Are we all just ignoring the blatant photoshopping?" one person asked, prompting a resounding chorus of 'yes' from dozens of die-hard defenders of Britney.