Married At First Sight NZ couple Brett Renall and Angel Fulljames expecting a baby

Married At First Sight NZ stars Brett Renall and Angel Fulljames have announced they're expecting their first baby in April. 

The couple, who found love on the 2017 season of the reality show, shared the news on social media with a series of snaps of them posing on a mountain with their ultrasound scans. 

"Mum and dad," Fulljames captioned her post, while Renall wrote simply: "Whānau is expanding". 

The pair were the only bride and groom to survive their scandal-heavy season of MAFS NZ, with Fulljames moving to Lincoln to be with Renall shortly after filming. 

At that time, the couple told Newshub they were in "no rush" to have kids, but that they were both sure that they wanted children at some stage. 

"We'll definitely have kids and we'll definitely both change diapers. Oh, will you help?" Fulljames said to Renall in a 2017 interview. 

"Maybe; I don't know, we'll talk about it when it happens. I'm 100 percent keen on kids - the diapers thing I'm less keen on," Renall replied. 

"We're in no rush - we've got to get a wee dog first." 

Renall and Fulljames said they "never expected" to be the only match to make it through the MAFS experiment, but that their strong connection from the start was key. 

"If you can do that, we honestly feel like, what can't we achieve together?" Angel said at the time. 

"As cheesy as that sounds, it feels like we've already overcome a massive hurdle and we've mastered it."