Review: Ron's Gone Wrong is a kids' film with big messages for the whole family

Disney's latest big-screen animation Ron's Gone Wrong arrives in level 2 cinemas this week with comedian Zach Galifinakis in the voice booth as the lead character of Ron.

It's a kids' movie, with some big messages for the whole family.

The constant parental conundrum of kids and their devices and now an incredibly fun family-friendly film exploring the massive challenges of our tamariki and social media, this is Ron's Gone Wrong. 

Every single kid at Barney's school has a bot, and their bot is their everything. Their best friend, their way of connecting, their constant companion.

Except that introvert Barney doesn't have his own bot. In fact, he has no friends at all.

When his kooky father finally fulfils his son's wish, Barney gets a bot who's not quite like the others and Ron will change everything.

The message here is clear for everyone in the audience. It will absolutely entertain - this film is delightful - but it should also prompt real conversation.

Four stars.