Ricky Gervais tweets The Edge host Meg Mansell after maternity leave prank

Ricky Gervais reached out to one of his superfans The Edge radio host Megan Mansell after he learned she was pranked with a message from someone impersonating him. 

The station's breakfast show tricked the expectant mum on her final day before going on maternity leave, playing her a message from a fake Ricky Gervais speaking as his character from The Office, David Brent. 

While Mansell initially questioned the legitimacy of the video message, she soon fell for it hook, line and sinker, crying tears of joy as she called it "the best day of her life". 

"How did you guys pull that off? Never in a million years did I think you could get Ricky Gervais as David Brent, oh my God. That's so surreal," she said. 

Mansell's co-host Clinton Randell eventually came clean, declaring: "I feel bad." 

"Was that bloody fake? I almost gave birth because of that," Mansell said, adding: "This is why you don't get men to organise baby showers, because they do pranks." 

Thankfully, the broadcaster's dreams did eventually come true when she tweeted a video of the incident and tagged Ricky Gervais, writing: "Thought my work colleagues organised the most incredible maternity leave gift for me, @rickygervais wishing me luck as David Brent. For a few minutes it was the best day of my life. I should've known better." 

Gervais himself then replied from his verified Twitter account, responding: "I hope this tweet from the real Ricky Gervais wishing you luck is nearly as good." 

"It certainly is, thank you!" she replied.