Smash Mouth singer accused of doing Nazi salute in shocking footage from 'chaotic' gig

Footage from a "chaotic" Smash Mouth gig has gone viral for showing singer Steve Harwell seemingly intoxicated, ranting and threatening the audience, and performing what appears to be a Nazi salute. 

A TikTok user named Haley shared a clip from their experience seeing Smash Mouth perform at a beer and wine festival in New York, calling it "the most chaotic show I've ever seen in my entire life". 

The video shows the band struggling with technical difficulties as Harwell sways around the stage, at one point telling the crowd: "I'll kill your whole f**king family, I swear to God" and declaring "F**k you bitches" while pulling the middle finger. 

Another moment from the footage shows Harwell declaring if he could perform a particular sex act on himself he would "never leave the house". 

Harwell has been accused by many of performing a Nazi salute in one part of the video, something that Haley went into more detail about in a second post. 

Responding to a comment that asked "uhhhh are we all just going to brush past that one part?" Haley narrated extra footage from the gig showing another person in the crowd reacting to the salute.

"So at first I was like 'that's not what I think it is', but then you can see this guy turn around and say 'did you just see that?'" Haley said. "He does do it again, right here actually," she continued as the footage continued. 

On Twitter, many people remarked that Harwell appeared to need "serious help", saying the footage had captured someone at their "rock bottom". 

"You're a f**king mess," one person tweeted under a since-deleted photo shared by the band of Harwell meeting fans at the gig. 

"Do all members of the band hate the Jewish people... or is it just Steve?" another asked. 

At the time of writing, Smash Mouth had not responded to the controversy, except for removing the photo they shared from the gig from their Twitter.