Super Saturday Vaxathon: Jacinda Ardern throws Clarke Gayford 'under DJ-ing bus' live on-air

Clarke Gayford briefly hit the DJ decks during Saturday's Vaxathon after being thrown "under the DJ-ing bus" by his partner Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Moments after announcing live on television to the country that more than 100,000 vaccine doses had been administered on Saturday, Ardern set a new target: 150,000 doses.

In the hope of encouraging people to get out, hosts Patrick Gower and Sonny Ngatai suggested the Prime Minister could do some DJ-ing. 

"This is all news to me… definitely not, no," she said despite the presenters' enthusiasm.

"It's fair to say that I, these days, always defer now to Clarke - so if you're desperate for a DJ, I'm going to get Clarke to take that job. He's an actual DJ."

Gayford, standing off-screen seemingly unaware of what he was being roped into, eventually took to the stage.

"The Prime Minister could have been part of history as well and got on the decks here," Gower told the audience. "We had a carefully crafted plan to throw Optimus Prime, under the DJ-ing bus.

"She outwitted us, you may have seen that, but instead she threw Clarke Gayford under the DJ-ing bus."

Gayford, not looking overly-enthused, took the turntable for a brief spin.

Watch the video above.