The Edge radio host Meg Mansell welcomes 'perfect' baby daughter Daisy

The Edge breakfast show host Megan Mansell has welcomed a baby daughter - surprising her radio colleagues with the news on Wednesday morning. 

"I wanted to introduce everyone to my daughter, Daisy Penelope Mansell," a tearful Meg said during a phone call on air. 

"She's perfect, I'm so happy" she continued.

Meg said her daughter was born on Sunday night, weighing 3.7kg (8.3 lbs), and that she and husband Guy Mansell had enjoyed spending a couple of days "soaking in" the feeling of their new arrival before sharing the news publicly. 

"I'm scared to tell everyone, it just made it feel even more real. She's been so great, and she's so cute!" 

Meg and Guy also celebrated the news on social media, sharing the first images of the latest addition to their family. 

"The hardest words I'll ever write because I feel at such a loss trying to explain how I'm feeling. Seeing Guy as a dad is so overwhelming," Meg wrote on Instagram.

"An incredible support during labour and has been smitten with his daughter ever since. I'm so lucky to have him." 

The broadcaster also made special mention of her midwives, calling them "nothing less than angels". 

"Their encouragement, knowledge, and support pulled me through the hardest challenge of my life. I feel so in their debt. I'm so happy!" 

Meanwhile, Guy addressed his daughter directly in his own Instagram post, telling her: "I can't wait to see the person you will become". 

"You were brought into this world by your powerful, beautiful and brave Mum who absolutely nailed pregnancy and birth. Watching someone you love so much go through hours of pain, to bring you something so beautiful, is a feeling I will never forget and will always be grateful of," he wrote. 

"I've said it before and I'll say it again and again: Men have it so easy."