James Blunt tells The Project about performing huge gig after COVID-19 rendered him speechless

James Blunt said he wasn't sure he would be "able to get through the first verse" during his sold out show at the Royal Albert Hall after contracting COVID-19. 

Speaking to The Project NZ on Wednesday night, the singer recalled performing at the "first legal, full capacity" venue when the UK emerged from lockdown - just weeks after he had caught coronavirus. 

"We don't have the virus here in the UK anymore, it's over, the coronavirus, the pandemic, it's gone, it's finished," Blunt joked to the hosts. 

"I know you guys might still be struggling with it but we're not. So we are out and about. 

"My first live show - full capacity - was in July, I had just had coronavirus at the time, it was quite a strange experience. 

"I was [playing] the first legal full capacity venue, as if the nation had not suffered enough already." 

Blunt said that when he caught COVID-19 he "got it in his lungs really badly" and "couldn't actually speak". 

"Although I couldn't speak, I found one flaw in the virus: I could still sing," he said, quipping that the virus "definitely needs tweaking". 

"I literally stepped on stage not knowing if I was going to get through the first verse, and amazingly I could," he said. 

The 'You're Beautiful' singer said he had his fingers crossed that he would be allowed to visit New Zealand to perform in the not too distant future.